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What is acupuncture?

Acupuncture has convinced modern medicine and patients in it’s efficancy. Rightfully, since all discoveries of modern medicine, there are still migrenes, alergies, nocturia and many other conditions. According to World Health Organization, acupuncture can treat over 900 diseases and different syndroms, among which are bronchitis, bronchial astma, gastric pains, diafragmal spasm, hiatus hernia, heart dieseases, hypertension, arthritis, urticaria, lumbal pain, shoulder pain, elbow pain, tendon problems, splits and shins of lower extremities, biliary tract problems, mastitis, erysipelas, hyperthyreosis, chemoroids, irregular menstruations, amenorrhea and dismenorrhea, uterine prolapse, bad fetal postion, lack of mothers milk, pinkeye, miopia, atrophy of optical nerve, tonsilitis, chroncic laryngitis, chronic sinusitis, apoplexy, paraplegia, epilepsy, headache, trigenimus neuragly, paresis facialis, sciatica, polyneuritis, neurasthenia, urine retention, spermatorhea, impotency, urinary tract infection.

We are also doing preparation for women in vitro fertilization. Seperate studies from USA and Germany have proven that IVF is almost 50% more successful if they had acupuntre previously.

This east-asian therapy has treated over half of world population for more than 5 000 years. In Europe it is practiced from 17th century. World Health Organization has recognized acupunture as offical therapy.

Is acupuntcure alternative medicine? It’s great misconception, because just before offical recogntion, a lot of studies have proven that acupuncture has a lot similarites with western medicine. Acupuncture is actualy adition to offical medicine,and that’s how they are recognized in UN.4a low

Our patients are proving the efficancy of eastern and western medicine working toghether. Since 2003. on WHO’s reccomendation, integrative medicine is born, a combination of those to views of human health.

In order to preserve your health, it is important you start caring about yourself on time

"I have been committed to the field of medicine, orthopedic and chiropractics for over 25 years now. My experience in the field of chiropractics, the professional experience of my associate as well as using the latest and most modern methods, allows us to help you to stay healthy and beautiful."


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