Buccal massage

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Sculptural facelift or buccal massage

The name comes from the Latin word bucca which means cheek. This is a new, popular facial massage technique aimed at improving circulation and muscle tone, lymphatic drainage, erasing wrinkles and removing puffiness, primarily in the facial region around the mouth, lower cheeks and chin. Sculptural facelifting or buccal massage originates from the mid-eighties, it was designed by the French beautician Joel Siokko, and it is increasingly popular in our country. Sculptural massage of the face, neck and décolletage follows the characteristics of face sculpture. Every muscle is carefully processed, so it is often compared to the sculpting technique of facial shaping. A sculptural facial massage achieves the effect of tightening and rejuvenating the skin of the face, neck and décolletage. This method simultaneously cleans the skin of toxins and impurities, frees it from excess fluid and improves blood flow. It is a kind of fitness for your face, because after the massage, the muscles of the face begin to function in the right direction, and to stimulate blood flow. It is performed with a stronger pressure that leaves a blush on your face for a short time. It rejuvenates, relaxes and relaxes even the whole body.

No doubt by now you have met various types of facial massage and learned something about the techniques and effects. You also know that massage has stimulated the surface of the skin and muscles so far. Now we’ve gone a step further and approached facial muscle contouring on the other side. No less, no more, but from the mouth. Namely, already after the thirties, the amount of collagen in the tissue begins to decrease. As the years go by, it is less and less. Our face needs something to move the blood and lymph, so that the skin and tissues are better nourished. Buccal massage seems like a new, revolutionary discovery that is worth trying.

Thirty minutes of facial massage from the outside, and another 30 minutes of massage performed from the inside of the mouth. After the massage, an oxygen serum is applied, a relaxation mask is applied, and at the end, a facial moisturizing serum is applied. The treatment lasts an hour.

Sculptural face massage is intended for everyone who wants to remove signs of aging, fatigue and stress on the face. It will also give you visible effects of softened wrinkles and raised tone after the first session. A series of massages achieves a long-lasting effect in a completely natural way.


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