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What is chiropractics?

Chiropractics is a science based on the principle that a disease is a natural consequence of the interruption of the nerve flow, conditioned by the skeletal muscular imbalances. Chiropractics means “done with your hands” or simply “hand manipulation”. It is the art of using precisely targeted and properly measured force on the affected joints.

Nerves that are linked to a lesser extent to the brain and a greater extent to the spinal cord, form an integral part of the nervous system. The spinal cord is a conduit for the transfer of “neural information” from the brain to the nerves themselves. When the flow is interrupted in any way, there is a change and disturbance in the functioning of the organism.

The cause of a disorder may be of chemical origin (improper diet, toxins, stress, inflammation…), however, very often the cause are mechanical problems (distracted vertebrae position…).

A chiropractor needs to identify the exact place of the problem, i.e. the cause of the problem. Treating the cause will lead to the removal or at least the alleviation of the ailment.

From the Chinese point of view, imbalances that persist for long periods of time in the body may be the cause of a problem. The reactions of the body can clearly be spotted during the day, such as increased secretion, fatigue, temperature and/or emotional reactions. These kind of reactions are desirable because it shows that the process has started.

Furthermore, effects of traditional Chinese medicine is explored and confirmed in Western methods (e.g. rapid stimulus and response, improvement of the quality of the blood and lymph flow as well as the improvement of the performance of the digestive system…). Regular treatments lead to the easing of the pain. The ailment is identified and can therefore be treated promptly. Therapy is an important preventive measure that contributes to the quality of life and well-being.

Chiropractics and children

In today’s environment, children spend a lot of their free time watching television, playing computer games and using mobile phones, which leads to an improper posture, resulting in a curved spine/ scoliosis. 80% of children between 12 and 15 years of age are therefore suffering from this.

Scoliosis is still considered as very progresive and extreme deformities, depending on how big the curvature are. For scoliosis in western medicine, real cause is still unknown, and is mostly treated by surgery, which parents decide with heavy heart.

It is considered that it’s modern day dieseas. Scoliosis is possible to correct at girls from 8 to 17 years old, and for boys from 8 to 19 years.

Chiropractics for children is completely gentle and safe, your child will not feel pain. A child’s body reacts positively and quickly to the therapy, because they don’t suffer from long-lasting problems such as adults. Both children and their parents are coming to us with great pleasure.

Chiropractics and pregnancy

Pregnancy is a natural process for every woman. Unfortunately, there are a few who enjoy that period due to the frequent pain in the lower back. We recommend that, before planning on getting pregnant, you do a review at our office to find out how well your spine and hips are and if you are ready for pregnancy and childbirth. In eastern Chinese medicine, if one is pregnant it is not too late to start with chiropractic treatments and anti-pain therapies. In China, women often go for regular treatments up to the 9th month of the pregnancy. It’s a common practice for a chiropractor to attend the birth, which enables a much simpler, quicker and easier childbirth for the mother as well as the baby.

Chiropractics and sports

Being active in professional sports increases the risk for your joints and muscles. For many years, sports medicine has been a big part of any sport, today chiropractics is becoming more prevalent in the world of sports. Doctors of chiropractics are increasingly accompanying athletes at major sporting events. Chiropractics in sports improves the overall function of the body, and thus the strength, endurance, speed, performance, coordination and precision movement. Chiropractics preventively aids in avoiding injuries and in the event of a injury, aids in a faster recovery and rehabilitation. We are proud of the fact that we have treated a large number of elite athletes in our clinic.

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Degenerative joint disease, most common in the lumbar and cervical part. Chronic


Curving of the spine in the shape of the letter “S” or


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