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The Sempre Viva Centre was established with the goal to help people of all ages in solving problems related to the skeletal and muscular system, primarily the spine. Our desire is to improve the quality of your life by removing certain ailments and relieve you of your pain.

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Acupuncture & Chiropractics

Tradicional and modern medicine

It is scientifically proven that an improper diet, negative attitude, too much stress and disorders on the nervous system, are slowing down the normal functioning of the body, endangering the health and accelerating aging. Dr Marina Markova has with her team created a centre where a good mood and positive energy, together with a pleasant atmosphere and a friendly staff, is the key to your satisfaction and a speedy recovery. This is the first centre of its kind (in the parts of former Yugoslavia) that combines the ancient with the modern, i.e. Chinese traditional medicine with physical therapy, which has proven to be extremely successful in its field.

Sempre Viva Centre


Worldwide there are more than 100 000 people that are professionally engaged in chiropractics. By 2015, it is estimated that there will be one chiropractor for every 6 doctors out there. More and more actors, top athletes, politicians and many other public figures are seeking the help of chiropractors today. Chiropractics improves not only the physical condition of people, but also the mental – patients find it easier to perform physical activities such as exercising and playing sports as well as dealing with everyday stress. Regular massage reduces the need for medication and in 80% of the cases relieves headache.



Reflexotherapy of the feet


Add years to your life

Lighten and brighten your life

Eat healthier, exercise, stress less, be more positive and enjoy the company of the people around you, and we will help you where it matters: keeping your spine healthy.


We are writing about your health


It represents a complete or incomplete break in the continuity of the bone, caused by forces beyond the resistance of


Degenerative joint disease, most common in the lumbar and cervical part. Chronic pain is amplified during a lower temperature and


Curving of the spine in the shape of the letter “S” or “C. It starts with a bad posture and


This is a pathological condition in which the normal balance of bone resorption and renewal is disturbed. It is characterized

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