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Know your body – recognize the problem

Health depends on several factor. It is influenced by diets as much as the psychological state of a person (stress, emotions…). An important part of your health is the condition of your skeletal and muscular system.

Therefore, health is composed of several pages: one can take care of one, two or all of the pages, it is his own responsibility.

Often, people don’t know enough about their own body and organism thus not taking care of it as they should. There are numerous causes which can create back problems. However, although chiropractics usually is related to problems with the spine, this science also helps to solve many other issues, because the consequences aren’t necessarily related to the back pain but can also affect other parts of the body: the vertebrae C5-C6 may, for example, cause headache, numbness of the hands, neck and shoulders, uneasy feeling in the blades, while the common symptoms of L1-L2 are numbness, constipation or painful menstruation.

The nervous system controls the function of cells, tissues, organs… i.e. the whole body. Given that this system is quite sensitive, the brain is protected by the skull while the spinal cord is protected by the vertebrae of the spine.

The vertebrae is mobile, however, u to a variety of physical, emotional and chemical stress, its mobility can be compromised. The activity of the nervous system is reduced: the communication between the brain and rest of the body gets affected. Given that the brain is less stimulated, it gets weakened and loses control over the other parts of the body.

Potential causes

+ incorrect posture of the spine
+ falls
+ (sport) injuries
+ sudden movements
+ stress
+ lack of sleep
+ lack of exercise
+ poor economic situation
+ poor working conditions
+ improper diet
+ bad habits
+ hormonal changes
+ pregnancy
+ giving birth
+ load on my back and shoulders (bags etc.)
+ pollution
+ psychological state

Potential consequences

+ pain in the back, shoulders, neck, hips, knees, wrist…
+ various diseases (disc hernia, arthritis, osteoporosis…)
+ low mobility
+ reduced flexibility and suppleness of the spine
+ headache
+ migraine
+ swellings
+ stiffness
+ tension
+ insomnia
+ weak immunity
+ toxins in the body
+ fatigue
+ painful menstrutation
+ depression

* The origin of the above consequences may not always be cause of a disorder in the nervous system, which means that the treatment doesn’t always help.

In order to preserve your health, it is important you start caring about yourself on time

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Degenerative joint disease, most common in the lumbar and cervical part. Chronic


Curving of the spine in the shape of the letter “S” or


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