About cellulite

Cellulite is not just aesthetic problem, but also health issue.

1997 World Health Organization has included cellulite as serious condition of subcutaneous tissue that causes problems with circulation, blodflow, cappilary bursts, leg swelling and varicose veins.

Each cellulite is case for it self and mistake is often made when people choose treatment without conslutations. Type of cellulite determines the treatment. We reccomend you to come for conslutations and find together the most efficent way to treat it.

Our cellulite strategy includes treatments by french method and is based on individual hormonal woman cycle. It’s consists of 28 massages, packages, anticellulite detox and lymph drainage. Treatments are done progressively and after each some results are visible. Our goal is to not treat it agressively and to see what gives the best results.

There is no universal soulution, because every cellulite is story for itself. Beside different techniques, many gels are being used (not oils!), packages, ivy creams, rosemary, white, black and red pepper, caviar, ampules for extracting fats and skin smoothing. Hard treatments cause vibrations of fat cells and this leads to their dissolution and increased circulation of blood and lymph.

Anticellulite treatments are most natural way to get rid of toxic buildup on fat cells.

Our goals are healthy, nicely shaped legs with decreased circumference, and qualitty skin tone.

In order to preserve your health, it is important you start caring about yourself on time

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