+ Therapeutic massage for the treatment of the spine and skeletal system
+ Treatment of bone fractures
+ Treatment of the circulation and balance system
+ Physical therapy
+ Kids program for the diagnosis and treatment of scoliosis and other spinal disorders, prevention and advice
+ A special program for the elderly
+ Treatment of sports injuries
+ Anti-cellulite program



“Your future depends on what you do today…”

The Sempre Viva Centre was established with the goal to help people of all ages in solving problems related to the skeletal and muscular system, primarily the spine. Our desire is to improve the quality of your life by removing certain ailments and relieving you of your pain.

Traditional Chinese medicine and chiropractics aims at detecting and resolving the causes of problems for the optimal functioning of the entire body, especially the nervous system that controls the whole body.  Chiropractics has been helping millions of people of all ages for more than one hundred years now, to restore and maintain vitality and enjoy a healthier and more quality-filled life.

Our patients can be entirely sure that they will receive the best professional treatment, recommendations and advices from a qualified doctor of chiropractics as well as physical medicine specialists with years of experience. We are constantly monitoring the latest developments in the world of chiropractics, seminars in countries that are leading in this field as well as following up on the relevant literature.

Our goal is to bring back the smile to your face by treating the causes and consequences of your problem. Your satisfaction is our success!


A blend of traditional Chinese medicine and modern western methods

Traditional Chinese medicine, a science that is 5000 year old, has been transferred and developed throughout generations and defined by the World Health Organization in 1978 as a total set of knowledge and practices. Annotated or not,  it is used in diagnosis, prevention and elimination of physical, mental and social imbalances.

This Organization has given a final definition to traditional Chinese medicine – chiropractics (which involves working with the hands) as a successful therapy for the treatment of spondylosis, discus hernia and sciatica, bone fractures, coxarthrosis as well as the first two stages of the treatment of osteoporosis.

For ailments such as coxarthrosis or discus hernia, modern western medicine does not have any solutions other than surgery. Chiropractics however has been treating these ailments successfully for the last fifteen years.

Doctors of western medicine usually focus on the part of the body that is ill and therefore ignore the whole state of the organism. Chinese medicine, as opposed to conventional, looks to find the cause, not just the consequences of the problem. Chiropractics is a combination of art, science and philosophy: Art – it involves a very precise work-technique with the hands. Science – because it is based on the expert knowledge of anatomy, physiology and neurology since it’s primarily concerned with the problems between the spine and nervous system. Philosophy – because it sees the organism as a whole, the patient as an individual and insists on introducing the patient to its own body.

Chiropractics naturally resolves the mechanical problems of the muscular and skeletal system, in that way it removes and eases the effects that may interfere with the functioning of the nervous system, which in turn leads to a better health and quality of life.

Team of the leading experts

The founder of the Sempre Viva Centre is Dr Marina Markova, an orthopedic surgeon specialist in chiropractics and acupressure, who, thanks to her work and results is one of the leading experts in her field, not only in Serbia, but in the whole region of former Yugoslavia.


Keep up-to-date with trends related to your health.



It represents a complete or incomplete break in the continuity of the


Degenerative joint disease, most common in the lumbar and cervical part. Chronic


Curving of the spine in the shape of the letter “S” or


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